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Moderation & Auto-Approval: Adding Participant Text Responses To Ranking Blocks
Moderation & Auto-Approval: Adding Participant Text Responses To Ranking Blocks
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This post covers the following features:


Moderation allows you to collect Text Responses from survey participants and select individual responses to add to a ranking block for other participants to vote on. Follow these steps to use the moderation features for your OpinionX survey:

  1. Add a Text Response block to your survey to gather statements from participants.

  2. On the results page, go to the table which shows Text Response answers.

  3. Once you've got a statement you want to add to a ranking block, just click the checkmark icon (โœ”๏ธ).

  4. Select which ranking block you want the statement to appear for voting in and make any quick edits needed to the original statement (screenshot of this shown below).

  5. Once finished, an "Approved" badge will appear next to the statement and you'll see it included as a ranking option in the ranking block you selected.


The "Auto-Add To Ranking" feature is available to users on the Ask tier or higher.

In the Text Response block settings, you can find a checkbox titled "Auto-Add To Ranking". Enabling this checkbox means all participant responses will automatically be added to a ranking block of your choice.

Clean Slate Stack Ranking

Clean Slate Stack Ranking means starting with no ranking options. Instead, you collect all ranking options directly from participants. There are two ways that you can do Clean Slate Stack Ranking:

  1. Update as you go: Each participant adds new statements to grow the ranking list, but doesn't rejoin to vote on statements added after their participation. This works fine when you're engaging a large participant base and are just looking to kick off

  2. Host in stages: Create a survey with only the Text Response block. Ask all participants to complete the survey. Temporarily close the survey (via survey settings), add a ranking block, and add all their answers to the ranking block. Then delete the Text Response question and ask participants to complete the survey using the same original link.

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