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"Other": How to include an open text field within a Multiple Choice question
"Other": How to include an open text field within a Multiple Choice question
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πŸ‘‰ This guide requires the Branching feature, which is available on Ask pricing tier.


You want to include an "Other" option in a Multiple Choice block that shows only the participants who pick this option a Text Response field where they can submit their written "other" answer.


1. Add a Multiple Choice question to your survey.

2. Add a Text Response block as the next question in your survey to collect the written "Other" answers.

3. Go back to the Multiple Choice block, hit the settings icon (βš™οΈ) in the bottom right corner, and enable "Answer Branching".

4. Set the "Other" option to go to the Text Response block and make sure the rest of your answers are all set to skip to the question that comes after that Text Response block.

Other Tips:

  • Users on the free tier can still use steps 1 and 2, just without Answer Branching enabled to skip past the Text Response block for non-Other respondents.

  • Either set a destination for participants who pick "Skip" on the Multiple Choice question or use the settings menu to "Remove 'Skip' Option".

  • On the Text Response block settings, disable the options "Allow Multiple Answers" and "Remove 'Skip' Option" if necessary (see screenshot below).

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