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Exporting: How to send your OpinionX data to an external spreadsheet
Exporting: How to send your OpinionX data to an external spreadsheet
Updated this week

πŸ‘‰ Exporting on OpinionX is only available to customers on the Ask tier or higher.

The export icon can be found on the top right corner of your screen when viewing any survey dashboard. Clicking this icon shows a popup with two export options:

1. Aggregated Results

The "Aggregated Results" format gives you all your survey data as a single spreadsheet. Each row represents one participant. Here's an example Aggregate Export on Google Sheets. The Aggregate export just reflects what is already available on the Participants Tab on OpinionX (which comes with analysis tools for searching, segmenting, and sorting).

2. Raw Data

The "Raw Data" export format gives you a .zip file with multiple csv files, each of which represents one question from your survey. These spreadsheets show a full list of all votes/data collected from this question β€” for example, the Pair Rank export shows the results of every head-to-head comparison that every participant voted on in your survey.

You can see an example of the exported Raw Data for each question type using the links below. These examples are based on sample data (ie. all email addresses shown are fake).

3. Individual Exports

There is a third export method that can be found on the analysis bar of any results table. Clicking this "Export" button sends the results, as shown on that table, to a spreadsheet. Here's an example that shows the results table on OpinionX and the equivalent export:


If you have any other questions about data exports, please ask! We are able to provide manually-generated data exports on request for customers on the Enterprise plan.

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