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Participants Tab: View all participant data and answers in one simple table
Participants Tab: View all participant data and answers in one simple table

The ideal way to pick which participants to invite to in-depth follow-up interviews.

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๐Ÿ‘‰ The 'Participants Tab' feature is only available to customers on Analyze tier or higher, however any user can try it out for free on our Sample Surveys.

Your survey results on OpinionX are broken down into three tabs:

  1. Participants

The Participants Tab is like a spreadsheet inside of OpinionX that shows you all the data collected about each participant that completed your survey.

Participants Tab

On the Participants Tab, each row represents the complete profile for a single user. The table displays their answers to Multiple Choice, Identify, and Text Response questions, along with their voting data for any ranking block. Using the analysis buttons at the top of the table, the data can be searched, segmented, and customized to include or exclude specific questions.


To export the data from the Participants Tab, click the export icon (โฌ‡๏ธ) shown at the very top of the screen and choose the "Aggregated" export format.


You can manually edit the Participants Tab to fix typos or add entirely new data. Editing is restricted to Identify, Multiple Choice, and Rating Scale block types.

Participant Details

Participant data can also be seen via the "Participant Details" feature, which can be found on the "Overview" results tab by clicking on any participant in the "Survey Participants" table. This feature only shows the data for one individual participant at a time.

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