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Creating Your First OpinionX Survey: A Beginner's Guide in 5 Simple Steps
Creating Your First OpinionX Survey: A Beginner's Guide in 5 Simple Steps
Updated over a week ago

OpinionX is a research tool for stack ranking people's priorities. Here are five simple steps to help you get your first survey up and running in minutes...

#1. Pick A Ranking Method

The ranking method you choose should be based on the format of result you need and the options you're planning to rank. Here's a quick guide:

  • Order Rank: Manually rank a full list of statements from highest to lowest preference (better suited to short lists of 10 options or less).

  • Pair Rank: Breaks a list of options into a series of head-to-head pair votes to rank by highest win rate (best suited for ranking longer lists of 10+ options).

  • Points Rank: Give each participant a pool of points for them to distribute amongst the list of options based on their personal preferences.

  • Agree Rank: Rank statements from highest to lowest consensus by asking participants to vote 'agree' or 'disagree' on each one.

When creating your survey, hover over any of these ranking methods to see an example of what voting looks like for participants (as shown below).

#2. Add Your Question & Ranking Options

This step is really easy! Some extra tips to help you get the most out of your survey:

  • Your can have as many ranking blocks as you'd like, just hit the (+) button on the right-hand side of the block to add an additional separate question to your survey.

  • If you're conducting a Customer Problem Stack Ranking survey, here's our guide to writing great problem statements for user research.

  • You can also crowdsource new ranking options directly from your participants using the Text Response block.

#3. Add Your Other Questions

Here are some questions you should consider adding to your survey:

  • Multiple Choice: if your participants include different types of people, a Multiple Choice question for collecting basic demographics about them will allow you to later compare the ranked results for each subgroup (using the segmentation filter).

  • Email Collection: if you collect participant email addresses (can be set to optional or required), you can later view the results for each participant on an individual level -- for example, this is very useful for identifying people for follow-up interviews.

  • Welcome & Finish Pages: customize the first page in your survey to ensure participants trust your survey and the last page to redirect them to any URL you want upon completion (tip: you can see the "Edit Welcome Page" button in the screenshot above).

#4. Preview Your Survey

Before distributing your survey link, hit the 'Preview' icon (πŸ‘) to see how it will look for participants. This is a great way to spot typos or issues with your questions before distributing your survey.

#5. Invite Your Teammates

You can invite teammates to collaborate with you on any OpinionX survey from the Add Your Team table in your survey settings. Invitations can either be for...

  • Editors: Full edit access to your survey, with all the same rights as the survey owner other than the ability to delete the survey.

  • Guest: View only the results tab without the ability to edit any survey data.

Ready to share your survey?

Once you're ready to launch your project, hit the Share button in the top-right corner and copy the participant link for your survey:

If you get stuck along the way, please send us a message on our live chat or email [email protected] ✌

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