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Points Rank (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
Points Rank (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
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What is a 'Points Rank' question on OpinionX?

Points Rank is a question format on OpinionX that turns a set of text-based statements into a ranked list by letting participants allocate a pool of "points" amongst them according to their personal preferences. Example:

When should I use a Points Rank question?

All of our ranking formats are great for understanding what people care about most β€” Points Rank is particularly suited for allowing strong opinions to shine through in your final data (ie. participant's "magnitude of preference").

How are the Points Rank scores calculated?

Very simple! Score = total points participants allocated to that opinion. We also show this score as a percentage too, especially when it's shown inside any comparison-based analysis feature (like the compare segments view).

Can I change the number of points each participant can allocate?

Yes, open the block settings and enable "Custom Number of Points". This feature is only available to customers on the Ask pricing tier or higher. Points are locked at 10 per participant for surveys created on the free tier.

Can I use multiple Points Rank blocks in my survey?

All OpinionX users can have an unlimited number of Points Rank blocks in their survey, regardless of whether they're a free or paying customer.

How many ranking options can I include in a Points Rank question?

There is no limit to the number of statements you can include in a Points Rank question.

Do Points Rank questions work on mobile devices?

Yes. All question types available on OpinionX are designed to be suitable for participants on any web browser, whether that's a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Can I upload images for my Points Rank block?

Points Rank can only include text-based statements (emojis are allowed). If you want to rank images, you must use the "Image Rank" block instead.

I have a question about Points Rank blocks that wasn't answered :(

Send us a message using our live chat or email [email protected] to get a quick answer from the OpinionX team.

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