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Segments Tab: View the scores for every possible segment in one table
Segments Tab: View the scores for every possible segment in one table
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πŸ‘‰ The 'Segments Tab' is only available to customers on the Analyze tier or higher, however any user can try it out for free on any of our Sample Surveys.

Your survey results on OpinionX are broken down into three tabs:

The Overview Tab shows the results of all participants joined together and the Participants Tab shows the results of each individual participant. The Segments Tab groups similar participants together and shows how each of those groups (or "segments") or participants voted.


For example, imagine running a survey with two questions β€” (i) a multiple-choice question that asks customers what pricing plan they are on, and (ii) a ranking question for voting on problem statements. The Segments Tab will show us a breakdown of the results of the ranking question for each pricing plan:

Here's a closer look at that same example to help you understand the Segments Tab a little better. In the screenshot below, we can see that customers on our "Basic" pricing plan gave the problem statement about "lack of a preview state" a score of 80/100 in this Pair Rank question:

The Segments Tab gives you all segmentation data in a single screen, allowing you to instantly identify interesting data points about what matters most to the different groups of people. Scores are shown with a blue background that appears darker for higher scores, making it easier to see patterns or outliers faster. For example, in the above example from this sample survey, we can quickly see that the lowest ranked opinion was actually the highest scored opinion for the "Free Trial" segment of participants.



Why am I only seeing a section of my results in the Segments Tab?

Each ranking block is shown as a separate table on the Segments Tab, so scroll down to find the segmentation matrix for any other ranking questions. The table is also initially loaded to show just the first Multiple Choice question from your survey, but you can pick other questions by clicking the "Select Segments" button on the top-right of the table:

What do the "Score" numbers actually mean?

The scores are different for each ranking type. For Pair Rank, the score means the percentage of head-to-head pairs that the opinion "won". Order Rank shows the Dowdall Formula result. Agreement Rank shows the percentage of participants that picked "agree" for that opinion. Points Rank shows the percentage of points that participants allocated to that opinion.

How do I find the other types of segmentation?

OpinionX has multiple segmentation analysis methods available to customers on the Analyze tier or higher:

For more information on these different methods, check out our segmentation help docs.

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