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Agreement Rank (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
Agreement Rank (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
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What is an 'Agreement Rank' question on OpinionX?

Agreement Rank is a survey question format on OpinionX that shows participants a series of statements and asks them to Agree, Disagree or Skip each one. It measures overall consensus and agreement within a population. For example:

Ranking opinions from highest to lowest consensus, this screenshot shows an 'Agreement Rank' block on an OpinionX stack ranking survey.

When should I use an Agreement Rank question?

Agreement Rank questions are great way to understand the highest consensus option in a set of statements. They're best suited for divisive option lists rather than a set of statements you already know that most people agree with (as you'll get 90-100% agreement on everything). For those high-agreement statement sets, we recommend using a trade-off based ranking method like Order Rank or Pair Rank.

How is the Agreement Rank score calculated?

The Agreement Rank results table shows the opinions listed from highest to lowest consensus. Under the column header "Agreement", you'll see a colored tile and a percentage. This percentage is the number of 'agree' votes divided by the total number of 'agree' + 'disagree' votes, ie. (agree/(agree+disagree)). Therefore, 80% Green would mean 4 participants agreed and 1 disagreed with the statement.

What happens if someone skips an opinion?

Skip votes are not included in the calculation of the Agreement score, however if you click the 'triple-dot' button ( ⁝ ) under the Actions column and choose "View Details", you can see a small graph that breaks down the total votes for that opinion which includes skips.

Will participants have to vote one every opinion that I include on that Agreement Rank list?

Yes, every opinion you include in your Agreement Rank block will be shown to each participant to vote on, one at a time.

Can I see what a specific participant agreed and disagreed with?

You can see which opinions a specific participant agreed, disagreed and skipped with by opening the Participant Details window.

Can I use multiple Agreement Rank blocks in my survey?

All OpinionX users can have an unlimited number of Agreement Rank blocks in their survey, regardless of whether they're a free or paying customer. This apples to all block types on OpinionX.

How many voting statements can I include in an Agreement Rank block?

There is no limit to the number of Agreement Rank options you can include, however only participants that complete the entire survey will be counted on the results page.

Do Agreement Rank questions work on mobile devices?

Yes. OpinionX surveys are designed to be suitable for participants on any web browser, whether that's a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Can I use emojis or images in my Agreement Rank block?

You can use emojis in the question and ranking options on OpinionX. We are currently building a separate 'Image Rank' block using the same underlying functionality as the Pair Rank block, which will be available during Q2 2023.

I have a question about Agreement Rank blocks that wasn't answered :(

Send us a message using our live chat or email [email protected] to get a quick answer from the OpinionX team.

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