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Introducing the block types available in OpinionX surveys
Introducing the block types available in OpinionX surveys

What are the different components that can be included in an OpinionX survey and how do they work?

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Every OpinionX survey is made up of blocks. Each block corresponds to a step in an OpinionX survey. In total, there are 11 different blocks available for OpinionX surveys. Each paragraph below includes a link to a deep dive guide on that block.

Ranking Blocks

Pair Rank: Ranks your list of text options via a series of head-to-head pair votes. Suited for surveys with 10 or more opinions to rank. [Guide]

Order Rank: Participants drag-and-drop a list of opinions into your order of preference. Best suited for ranking 10 of fewer opinions. [Guide]

Points Rank: Participants are given a pool of points to allocate however they choose among your list of options. [Guide]

Image Rank: Uses head-to-head pair votes to turn your images into a ranked list. [Guide]

Agreement Rank: Measure group consensus by asking participants to vote Agree, Disagree or Skip for each opinion. [Guide]

Survey Blocks

Multiple Choice: Select one or many options from a list. Can later be used to split your participants into different segments. [Guide]

Text Response: Collect text responses from participants. You can also add these responses to any ranking block list. [Guide]

Email Collection: Collect emails that meet a valid email format (example: [email protected]). This block can be made optional or mandatory. [Guide]

Header: Display a text message in between survey sections, for example to help set clear breaks between ranking blocks. [Guide]

Default Blocks

Welcome Page: The first page that a participant sees when they open your survey. Display any image, title and subtitle to welcome them.

Finish Page: Thank participants with a title and subtitle, then redirect them to any URL with a custom button. Only available to users on the Ask tier or higher. [Guide]

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