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Crowdsourcing: Adding participant submissions to ranking blocks mid-survey
Crowdsourcing: Adding participant submissions to ranking blocks mid-survey
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OpinionX is designed to allow you to collect new ranking options from participants using the Text Response block and add them directly to any ranking block in just a couple quick clicks. This feature is free for all users and is automatically enabled on all surveys.

How to set your survey up to crowdsource new ranking options from participants:

Step 1: Include a Text Response Block

The most common way to do this is to place it directly after a ranking block with a question like "Have a problem/idea you didn't see while voting? Share it below:"

Step 2: Collect some new opinions!

Once a participant submits an opinion, it appears in the Text Response results table:

Step 3: Edit & Approve the best opinions

Once you've got a crowdsourced opinion you want to add to a ranking block, hit the checkmark icon (โœ”) beside it. In the popup menu, you'll choose which ranking block to add the opinion to and you can also make any necessary edits:

What if I want to start with no seeded opinions and I want to crowdsource all my voting options?

We've got a special guide for this approach called Clean Slate Stack Ranking which you should check out.

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