What is OpinionX?

How OpinionX works, what you can use it for, and how to get started.

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What is OpinionX?

OpinionX is a free survey tool for ranking people's priorities. It offers unique ranking methods that force people to compare and vote on a list of options, helping you to measure which ones they prefer most.

What can I use OpinionX for?

1. Ranking Research: Turn any set of options into a ranked list, showing people's most to least preferred options.

2. Assumption Testing: Test your idea by seeing how high it ranks in people's priorities.

3. Segmentation: Filter your ranked results to compare how different groups of people have different priorities.

How do I set up an OpinionX ranking survey?

Check out our 5-Step Beginner's Guide to OpinionX, which walks you through the basics of creating your first stack ranking survey (it includes a 90-second video).

Is OpinionX for you?

If you have a question you'd like answered, search through our Knowledge Base, send us a message through our live chat, or email [email protected].

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