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Identify: How to collect identifiable participant data like Email, Name, Username
Identify: How to collect identifiable participant data like Email, Name, Username
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This block was previously called "Email Collection" but was updated in May 2023 to allow for other data collection types like name, phone number, username, etc.

The Identifier is essentially just a standard Text Response block but the data it collects gets directly associated with the participant's profile. Data collected via Identifier blocks is shown via the "Survey Participants" table at the top of your results tab, for example:

What does the Identify block do for results analysis?

All survey data collected via Identify blocks gets displayed on the "Survey Participants" table, which will show as the first table on your results page. You can click any row on this table to open up the "Participant Details" window, as shown below:

^ The 'Participant Details' window with the participant's email address highlighted.

We recommend collecting at least one identifier datapoint from participants so that you conduct follow-up interviews with your highest signal participants.

How does the "Custom" option on the Identify block work?

Each defined identifier (eg. email, name, username...) can only be used once per survey. You can use the "Custom" option to create additional identifiers. The "Custom" option allows you to define your own data for the Identifier block:

Whatever you choose to name it will be used as the column header on your "Survey Participants" results table, as shown below with "Team Name" as the Custom Identifier:

How do you remove the 'skip' button for email or name collection?

Users on Ask tier or higher can remove the "Skip" button so that participants are required to submit their answer to proceed. This can be toggled from the block settings:

What is the formatting requirements for email collection?

If you set your Identify block to the "Email" option, it forces participants' submissions to follow a standard email format, ie: ____@___.__

^ How email collection via the Identify block looks to participants.

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