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Workspaces Roles: Giving teammates different permissions within your shared workspace
Workspaces Roles: Giving teammates different permissions within your shared workspace
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There are two different categories of "roles" on OpinionX:

  1. Workspace Roles: Defines the permissions that a user has within a shared team workspace. Includes two roles: Admin and Teammate.

  2. Survey Roles: Whether users can edit a survey (Editor) or only view its results (Viewer).

Admin Workspace Role

What is an Admin user?

All users (Admins and Teammates) in an OpinionX workspace can create new surveys. Admins have additional permissions that Teammate users do not:

  1. Billing Settings → Only admins can access/edit subscription and billing information.

  2. User Management → Only admins can remove users from the workspace and alter the role that users have been assigned.

  3. Workspace Management Only admins can edit the name of the workspace or delete the workspace entirely.

How do assign someone an Admin role in my OpinionX workspace?

There are two ways that a user can become a workspace admin:

  1. They created the workspace → The user who creates a workspace on OpinionX is automatically assigned the Admin role.

  2. An admin edited their role → Go to the workspace dashboard, open the settings card, go to "General", pick a person from the workspace list, and edit their role from Teammate to Admin.

  3. They sent an admin invite to a new user → when inviting someone new to join your workspace, you can decide whether the invite gives them a Teammate or Admin role.

Teammate Workspace Role

What can a "Teammate" do on OpinionX?

Users with the Teammate role can create unlimited surveys within the workspace. Whenever a new Teammate is added to the workspace, they are automatically given Viewer access to all past and future surveys hosted in the workspace. This "Viewer" role can be bumped up to Editor manually from the settings page inside any survey.

Is there a limit to the number of Teammates I can invite?

No! Invite as many teammates as you want to join your workspace and create surveys on OpinionX.

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