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Compare Tab: View Results For Two Participant Segments Side-By-Side
Compare Tab: View Results For Two Participant Segments Side-By-Side

Define two cohorts of participants and directly compare their survey results using the "Compare Segments" feature.

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πŸ‘‰ This premium feature is available to customers on the Analyze tier or higher.

Here's an example of the Compare Segments feature in action:

You can directly compare two segments using the "Compare" feature on the results page of your OpinionX survey. To start, pick your first segment using the segmentation setup.

^ Segmentation Setup

Once that segmentation filter is active, you'll notice that the floating "Segment" button that is usually in the bottom left corner of your screen has turned into three new segmentation options:

^ Segmentation Options (Bottom-Left Corner of Results Page)

  1. Clear β†’ Remove the current segmentation filter

  2. Compare β†’ Pick another segment to compare

  3. Configure β†’ Edit your current segmentation filter

Click "Compare" to open the Compare Segments window. Here, you can set the criteria for your second segment and then hit the "Update" button to start the comparison.

^ Empty "Segment 2" section where you can define your comparison criteria

Once activated, you'll see two columns showing your survey results for each segment. Ranking blocks will be shown as one table with specific columns referring to the Rank Delta and Score Delta between the two segments:

^ Pair Rank table on the Compare Segments window showing results for two segments and their differences

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