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πŸ”œ Rating Scale (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
πŸ”œ Rating Scale (Scoring, Examples, and Other FAQs)
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πŸ”œ This article covers an unreleased block type that we are currently developing for OpinionX. Rating Scale questions will be available in late January 2024.

The Rating Scale block is a simple way to collect preferential data from participants on OpinionX. It consists of a question/statement, a numerical scale of clickable options, and optional labels to help participants understand what the scale represents.


How to set up a Rating Scale question

Go to your survey "Setup" tab, click the "+ Add Block" button and select Rating Scale. Add a question or statement to the main text field and choose what the top and bottom end of your numerical scale should be. You can add an optional set of text labels which which appear at the top and bottom of the scale, such as "Best" / "Worst" or "Most Important" / "Least Important".


Quick facts about Rating Scale blocks

  • The scale can be up to 20 numbers long.

  • It can include negative numbers as well as positive ones.

  • Zero (0) is counted as a number on the scale.

  • It has to be a continuous numerical scale (ie. you can't skip numbers).

Using your Rating Scale to segment your ranked results

The answers that participants select for a Rating Scale question can be used to filter, compare or segment your results. For example, you can filter your results page to see how the ranked results change if you only look at people who picked the top number on the rating scale. For more info about segmentation analysis, check out our guide to segmentation on OpinionX.

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