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External Recruitment: How to buy survey participants and validate their participation.
External Recruitment: How to buy survey participants and validate their participation.
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While OpinionX does not have official integrations with third party providers of research participants, there are ways you can use the existing features to screen, recruit and validate participation for incentives distributed through third party tools.

Below you can find user guides for each of the recruitment tools that have been used on OpinionX projects in the past:

If you decide to use a different recruitment tool, we'd love to understand the process you use so that we can add further user guides to this article. Hit the messenger or email us at [email protected] to let us know :)

How to use Prolific to recruit participants for OpinionX stack ranking surveys

What is Prolific?

Prolific connects those doing research (academics, startups, data scientists, organizations) with their target participants. Participants earn rewards for participating in studies on Prolific. You can use integrate your OpinionX survey with Prolific, choose your target respondents and collect hundreds or thousands of responses quickly and easily.

Step 1: Collect Prolific IDs

Use an Identify block to collect participants' Prolific IDs. Choose the "Custom" identifier type and name it "ProlificID". The Identify block will then automatically associate this ID number against all voting data submitted by a participant.

Step 2: Insert your redirect Link

Grab your redirect URL from the 'Study Completion' section of your Prolific project:

Add that URL to your Finish Page Link, as shown in the screenshot below:

Note β†’ You must be on the Ask tier or higher to customize your survey's Finish Page. If you're a free user, add a Header block and display the "Prolific Completion Code" so that participants can then copy and paste this code back into Prolific once they've finished.

Step 3: Share your survey link

Click Share, copy your OpinionX survey link, and add it to your Prolific campaign.

Step 4: Create your recruitment project on Prolific

Prolific is super simple to use. Paste your OpinionX survey ID under the "Study ID" field, use any of 100+ demographic screeners to select the participants you need, then publish your study to the Prolific community. Here's more info on how Prolific works.

Step 5: Export your Prolific IDs from OpinionX

Export the answers to your Open Response block as a .csv once your survey is finished and use this spreadsheet to cross-check and approve incentives.

And that's everything you need to know to use Prolific to recruit your OpinionX survey participants. Any questions, just send us a message or email [email protected].

How to use to recruit participants for OpinionX stack ranking surveys

What is

While is a platform for usability testing, built to help you evaluate the experience of a product or service by watching representative users interact with it, it can also be used to screen and recruit participants for your OpinionX survey.

The setup process is super simple; follow the normal setup and include a link to your OpinionX survey in the 'Task URL' field. is not built for survey recruitment but can serve as an easy-to-use alternative to more complex recruitment platforms. For further reading, check out's guide to Setting Up Tasks.

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