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Guest Link: Invite Anyone To View Your Survey Results (No Login Required)
Guest Link: Invite Anyone To View Your Survey Results (No Login Required)
Updated over a week ago

How does the Guest Link work?

Guest Links allow you to share view-only access to your results page without needing to invite each person one-by-one. People who access your Guest Link do not need an OpinionX account and are not required to set one up in order to view your survey results.

Where can I find the Guest Link?

Open your survey, go to the Settings Tab, and scroll down to the "Add Your Team" section. Beside the "Invite" button, you'll see a link icon (πŸ”—) that gives you access to the Guest Link menu, where you can configure the link as needed.

Does the Guest Link impact the security of my survey?

We have ensured that this link does not compromise your survey's security using the following measures:

  1. The Guest Link does not exist until you directly create one by clicking the "Generate Link" button.

  2. You can choose to delete your old link and generate a new one if it has been shared too widely.

  3. You can delete your Guest Link entirely without creating a new one, closing your survey back to teammates with pre-approved access.

  4. Certain submission routes, such as the survey preview, have been removed for Viewers accessing your results page to safeguard your data.

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